Eyeliner Brushes

Out of all the available types of ZIINA makeup brushes, the most essential ones are good sharp Eyeliner Brushes. They will give your eye-makeup that precise cat-eye shape for dramatic looks and will help you make smokey eyes whenever you need them. A slightly angled shape helps you to get a clear, defined wing shape and works well with Gel or Liquid Eyeliners. Eyeliner Brushes are quite small with a line of short, densely bound hairs.

For application, start dipping the brush in the liner after you have finished your eyeshadow. With a light-colored eye pencil, you can map out where the wings will go. These should nicely follow the natural curve of your eye rather than sticking straight out. After applying the liner, fill in the liner on top of your eyes and connect it to the wing.

If you are planning to create a very intense eye look, you can also apply liner to the bottom lashes. Just use the brush to connect the bottom liner with the top wing which will make your eye makeup look more cohesive.

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