Eyeliner Brush Erik


ZIINA Premium Makeup Brushes - Handmade in Germany

Flat, angled eyeliner brush. For gel- and creme eyeliner

Materials: Blend of fine brown and black synthetic bristle. A matte black brass ferrule and a nice matte black natural wooden handle.

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Our Eyeliner Brush Erik is a vegan makeup brush and definitely a must-have! With his gently slanted head made of an amazing blend of black/brown synthetic bristle, he will help you make the perfect eyeliner stroke in any situation.

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The slightly oblique hair body of our Eyeliner Brush is perfect for applying Cream Eyeliners and Gel Eyeliners. The blend of brown & black synthetic hair has a very balanced spring and nicely adjusts to the lash line. For classy looks and sophisticated make-up.

♥ For Creme and Gel Eyeliner

♥ Precise application

♥ Flawless results on the lash line

♥ Perfekt Cat-Eye Make-Up

Technical Details
Size 8 | Brush Length 180mm | Brush Width 8mm | Visible Hair Length 6mm / 9mm | Weight 6,5g

Only the best for your skin

Good makeup brushes can offer professional-looking results, from a poreless complexion to a beautifully blended eyeshadow look. Just as with high-quality cosmetic products, it is important what cosmetic brushes are made of. Ideally, only high-quality and skin-friendly materials are used for production.  Therefore, our experienced brush makers only work with selected raw materials that preferably come from Germany or the EU – from suppliers we trust.

This vegan makeup brush is made from a very soft blend of fine brown and black synthetic bristle. All our brushes are glued with skin-friendly glue. A matte black brass ferrule connects the brush head with a birch wood handle that comes from sustainable forestry and also has a nice black finish. The varnish used is free of SVHC substances and substances listed in Annex XVII of REACH Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006. Our ZIINA cosmetic brushes are traditionally manufactured by hand.

♥ Elegant product design

♥ Premium synthetic hair

♥ Pleasant hair body

♥ Long product life

♥ Excellent media holding capacity

♥ Handmade in Germany

How to clean makeup brushes

Makeup brushes are an integral part of your daily beauty routine. They help you to apply make-up quickly and flawlessly. You will achieve particularly good results if your beauty brushes are clean and well cared for. Regular cleaning of cosmetic brushes not only affects your make-up results but also the health of your skin. You can find more information on how to clean makeup brushes here.

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