Strictly for Beauty

Trusted Since 1911

Since 1911, people have been using our brushes to make themselves and the world more beautiful every day. We strive to always deliver the very best quality and continue to have our cosmetic brushes made 100% in Germany. Many thanks for trusting our brushes for more than 110 years! lineo brushes have always been and will continue to be made in Germany.

PayPal Käuferschutz

In our shop, you have the option to make safe payments through PayPal. This means your purchase is globally covered with PayPal purchase protection, fraud protection, and advanced data encryption. The purchase protection supports you if shipments do not arrive or get lost. Every payment is being protected by the latest encryption technology while all transactions are monitored to prevent fraud, phishing, and identity theft. For more information please visit PayPal.

30 Day Return Policy

At ZIINA, we know that sometimes it can take a little longer to ship your returns. Therefore we offer our customers a return policy that is more generous than legally required. In any case, we would like to ask you to contact us so we can give you the best consultation possible to find the right products for return or to learn more about the reasons for your return. Please note that only products that have not been used can be returned to us.

Long-Lasting Products

For ZIINA cosmetic brushes, lineo brush makers only use the best raw materials. This includes the finest synthetic and natural hairs. Wooden handles from sustainable forestry and high-quality ferrules. All glues and varnishes are harmless to humans and the environment. Only trained brush makers know how to use these materials to produce cosmetic brushes of exceptional quality. This is what guarantees you to only purchase the best cosmetic brushes.

Fair Work – Fair Products

Along with the entire value-chain, modern workplaces and good production conditions, fair salaries, and respect towards staff and environment are clear management responsibilities. This not only includes all processes within the production of our cosmetic brushes but also includes all lineo suppliers. Suppliers of raw material are preferably from the region and are often family-run businesses as well. Employee satisfaction and loyalty are important success factors for the outstanding quality ZIINA cosmetic brushes have.

Handmade in Germany

At lineo, brushes are handmade in Germany since 1911. During the three years of vocational training, young brush makers learn everything about this craftmanship with long Franconian tradition. This extensive training guarantees the exceptional quality of ZIINA cosmetic brushes. Master brush makers control every step of the process. During the final inspection, they make sure that no mistake is overlooked so that only the best brushes will be shipped to you.