Shading Brush Sigi


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Flat shading brush, oval shape for the eyelid. For powdery eyeshadow, concealer and highlighter.

Materials: Black synthetic bristle. A matte black brass ferrule and a nice matte black wooden handle.

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Shading Brush Sigi is a small, tightly bound, rounded makeup brush for shading. As this vegan cosmetic brush has especially been developed for detailed work in eye shading, its strength is clearly putting highlights in the corners of your eyes. We have paid special attention to droopy eyelids and small eyes – Sigi has nice and soft hair and allows you to naturally emphasize the eye area and thus underlines your natural beauty.

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With this densely bound Shading Brush, you can create natural looks set highlights in the inner corner of the eye. The rounded edges allow placement and drawing soft, flowing transitions. Emphasizes the natural beauty – even with challenging droopy eyelids.

♥ For Powdery Eyeshadow

♥ Concealer and Highlighter

♥ Set highlights in the corner of the eye

♥ Natural accentuation of the eye area

♥ Detailed and easy application

Technical Details
Size 12 | Brush Length 190mm | Brush Width 13mm | Visible Hair Length 11mm | Weight 10g

Only the best for your skin

Good makeup brushes can offer professional-looking results, from a poreless complexion to a beautifully blended eyeshadow look. Just as with high-quality cosmetic products, it is important what cosmetic brushes are made of. Ideally, only high-quality and skin-friendly materials are used for production.  Therefore, our experienced brush makers only work with selected raw materials that preferably come from Germany or the EU – from suppliers we trust.

This vegan makeup brush is made from high-quality black synthetic bristles. All our brushes are glued with skin-friendly glue. A matte black brass ferrule connects the brush head with a birch wood handle that comes from sustainable forestry and also has a nice black finish. The varnish used is free of SVHC substances and substances listed in Annex XVII of REACH Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006. Our ZIINA cosmetic brushes are traditionally manufactured by hand.

♥ Elegant product design

♥ Premium synthetic hair

♥ Pleasant hair body

♥ Long product life

♥ Excellent media holding capacity

♥ Handmade in Germany

How to clean makeup brushes

Makeup brushes are an integral part of your daily beauty routine. They help you to apply make-up quickly and flawlessly. You will achieve particularly good results if your beauty brushes are clean and well cared for. Regular cleaning of cosmetic brushes not only affects your make-up results but also the health of your skin. You can find more information on how to clean makeup brushes here.

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