Edition Mademoiselle

A stylish and professional-looking make-up is the result of experience, creativity, high-quality decorative cosmetics, and high-quality make-up brushes. This sounds easy – but it’s not!

The market is full of products from the Far East, containing skin-damaging/allergenic chemicals, pollute our environment, and do not meet our high-quality standards. Cosmetic brushes are ideally cleaned and disinfected regularly. Thus, they must be of the highest quality in order to ensure top make-up results and breath-taking looks with every use.

Since sustainability, fair working conditions, and „Made in Germany” are very important values to us, we created the cosmetic brushes “Edition Mademoiselle” together with our brush makers. The result are brushes that meet all requirements in both, professional and private use – High Quality, Sustainable, Fair!

The German Cosmetic Brush for Mademoiselle

Our brushes from Edition Mademoiselle will not let you down with your make-up. Each of them is a doer, has his qualities, and obviously – a German name. They are truly irresistible and a must-have in the mask, your bathroom, makeup bag, and of course as a gift for good friends.

ZIINA. Strictly for Beauty!

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